Reopen the Kurt Cobain case?

Recently I watched the documentary on Netflix called “Soaked in bleach”. It’s a movie about the death of Kurt Cobain (lead guitar and vocalist for Nirvana) and the investigation leading up to his death. This documentary was made from the point of view from Tom Grant (the personal investigator hired by Courtney Love) and what he thinks really happened, which he believes Kurt was murdered and that Courtney knows. Some of the reasons why he believes he was murdered are

  • The so called “suicide note” found near Kurt’s body had 2 different hand writings.  The main part of the note was written by Kurt and he was saying why he wanted to quit music and that he just wasn’t happy doing it anymore. The last four lines appear to be written in at a different point and it says “Frances will be much happier in life” and “I love you I love you” and more. 
  • About a week after Kurt’s death, a piece of paper was found in Courtney’s backpack with a bunch of letters which looked like a practice sheet, trying to practice someone’s handwriting. 
  • If the gun was fired in the position the Seattle Police Department say it was, then the shot gun shell was found on the wrong side of the exit chamber the shell would have been ejected from. 
  • Courtney lied saying that Kurt only stayed in the nicest hotels downtown Seattle, but he really preferred the cheap motels. Kurt’s friend Dylan laughed when he heard that Courtney said that. 
  • Courtney never went to Seattle once to look for Kurt, and said she couldn’t leave LA because she had business down there. 
  • Kurt’s toxicology report showed that he had 3 times the fatal dose of heroin injected in his body. How would someone inject THAT much heroin then be able to make the injection spot stop bleeding, get up and put away the drug needle, spoon, and everything else used to do heroin, neatly back in the box, walk back over set the gun up and shoot himself. Even a heavy drug user wouldn’t be able to do that! Also he was clean for atleast 6 days while he was checked into rehab a week before he was found dead. So that would lower his tolerance. 

Here’s a picture of the note found near Kurt at death

Here’s the paper found in Courtney’s backpack, practicing handwriting

There’s so much evidence!!! Over the years many people have pointed out so many more things, and it all just doesn’t add up. Courtney and Kurt were in the middle of a divorce, and Courtney tried calling her lawyer to see if they could somehow void the prenup that he signed. She was money hungry and would end up with not very much, but if Kurt died she would have millions and millions. 
Then of course I had to watch the HBO special called “Kurt Cobain: Montage of heck”. Which was super good too. The difference was this documentary was produced by Kurt’s daughter Frances. Ran Cobain. This 2 hour film showed home videos of him when he was a baby and teenager, his childhood growing up and the dark side of Kurt and all his depressing journal entries.
 I  do have to agree that he did seem depressed but not anything super out of control. He did many interviews, even one a few months before his death saying how happy he was and that he was trying to be clean and was trying to be the best father he could be for his baby. He said he was nervous to even get into the car because he didn’t want anything bad to happen to his baby or himself, because he needed to be there for his daughter. 

After doing my own research, just because I’ve been so interested in this whole thing, I think that they should reopen the 1994 case. When there’s so much evidence, why not?! Personally I don’t think the death scene photos should be made public, what good will that do for anyone. His family doesn’t need to remember him with that image… no one does. I just think a very deatailed investigator who has nothing to do with the Seattle police department, and someone who doesn’t personally know Courtney Love should do it.  Either way the outcome would be good! Someone would be charged with Murder, or the whole case could finally be put to rest. 
Either way…

                  RIP KURT COBAIN! ❤


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