Growing up in the 90’s with parents who LOVE music

I really love to reminisce on my childhood, and definitely the music that was all around me. My parents were always listening to music. Downstairs was the family room and big garage, where dad would be working on mom’s white Jeep Cherokee, organizing the garage, or out around the house power washing or mowing the lawn. This guy would open all the windows downstairs so while he was outside he could hear his music no matter how loud the power washer was. He had a nice stereo set with 5 GIANT speakers that he’d crank up. I absolutely loved it. Him and mom had the best CD collection ever. They were born in the mid 60’s, so they had all the music. What they mainly played was their rock and roll from high school parties. Kiss, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Queen, Journey, Möntley Crüe, Poision. All of it. So I wanted to include album and CD covers that I’ll never forget, that take me back to my childhood. 


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