Learn how to play guitar easy & FREE online!

So basically I one day was like “I want to play electric guitar”. So my uncle came over and brought me one of his beginner guitars and a little amp. I went on YouTube and found a couple good videos, but then I stumbled upon Campfire Guitar Star. This guys a life saver!! His name is Will Ripley and he went to Berkeley school of music, and a few others (Berkeley stood out to me). He’s super awesome and easy to learn from. He pretty much uses the all the best techniques and skills he’s ever been taught, to make free 5 minute videos. He explains things in a way that I didn’t understand from other peoples videos online. If you go to http://campfireguitarstar.com and sign up, it’s 100% free. If you want to you can order a book that’s supposed to be pretty great that helps teach you play, and you only pay shipping and handling (I didn’t buy it because I’m a cheap skate). The videos have taught me so much, and everyday I’m really excited to practice and learn a few new things.  Definitely give Will Ripley a try, you won’t be disappointed! 


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