My Venus Swirl From Influenster!

So recently I got an awesome VoxBox from Influenster that had some really awesome things inside! My favorite was the Venus Swirl razor! I was super surprised just because normally these are a little spendy, and I got it for FREE to try it out! This thing is awesome and totally #MovesLikeNoOther! It easily reached all the curves of my body easily. It’s an awesome razor that I think everyone should try. 


Learn how to play guitar easy & FREE online!

So basically I one day was like “I want to play electric guitar”. So my uncle came over and brought me one of his beginner guitars and a little amp. I went on YouTube and found a couple good videos, but then I stumbled upon Campfire Guitar Star. This guys a life saver!! His name is Will Ripley and he went to Berkeley school of music, and a few others (Berkeley stood out to me). He’s super awesome and easy to learn from. He pretty much uses the all the best techniques and skills he’s ever been taught, to make free 5 minute videos. He explains things in a way that I didn’t understand from other peoples videos online. If you go to and sign up, it’s 100% free. If you want to you can order a book that’s supposed to be pretty great that helps teach you play, and you only pay shipping and handling (I didn’t buy it because I’m a cheap skate). The videos have taught me so much, and everyday I’m really excited to practice and learn a few new things.  Definitely give Will Ripley a try, you won’t be disappointed! 

Growing up in the 90’s with parents who LOVE music

I really love to reminisce on my childhood, and definitely the music that was all around me. My parents were always listening to music. Downstairs was the family room and big garage, where dad would be working on mom’s white Jeep Cherokee, organizing the garage, or out around the house power washing or mowing the lawn. This guy would open all the windows downstairs so while he was outside he could hear his music no matter how loud the power washer was. He had a nice stereo set with 5 GIANT speakers that he’d crank up. I absolutely loved it. Him and mom had the best CD collection ever. They were born in the mid 60’s, so they had all the music. What they mainly played was their rock and roll from high school parties. Kiss, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Queen, Journey, Möntley Crüe, Poision. All of it. So I wanted to include album and CD covers that I’ll never forget, that take me back to my childhood. 

I tried 7 high end foundations, this is what I thought 

About a year ago I caught myself always saying “I use Mac’s Studio Fix foundation and it’s my favorite!” Even though I didn’t really have anything to compare it to. I’ve always just used Mac because I tried it and loved it and that was that. I decided to put it to the rest and try a few other foundations, and when I say try I mean buy a bottle of it and use it until it’s gone. It’s so expensive!! I have pretty normal skin. It get dry if I don’t use face lotions, not usually oily but can be a little bit sometimes, I don’t get sits too often but I do have blackheads. So here’s the 7 foundations I tried and why I’ve put them in the order I did. 
7. Kat Von D Lock It Foundation

So when I first saw this one I was like “Heck yeah! This is the one that supposedly covers tattoos!! It will cover my freckles and be great”. Well, I was wrong. This foundation is so thick, it’s like a paste. My skin really hates this stuff… it made my face and make up look really caked on and bumpy.  It did do a really good job of coving the freckles though. I’ve seen other people wear it and it looks flawless, but nope!  Not my face.  It comes in 30 shades and has a 24 hour wear. It retails for $35 at Sephora.

6. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

This was the first time I used a product through NARS, and I was super excited because I’ve heard some really great stuff about this foundation. Overall I wasn’t too pleased with it, because it made my skin seem oily about an hour after applying it. Through out the day I had to dab my forehead and my nostril side creases. If you’re looking for a foundation that has a medium sheer coverage, this is a good one. It’s made for normal to dry skin and comes in 20 different shades. Retails for $47 at Sephora.

5. NARS All Day Luminous Matte Foundation

I was definitely a lot more please with this foundation than the NARS Sheer Glow. I love the full coverage that really helped cover up my freckles. It gave my skin a nice smooth matte glow, that didn’t leave my skin looking dull.  The only downside for me was that about half way through the day it would start to easily wipe off and look a little oily. Basically this foundation is for all skin types (oily, regular and dry) and is also good for sensitive skin. It retails at Sephora for $49.

4. Urban Decay Naked Skin

This is a great foundation! It’s especially great of you’re looking for a medium coverage for combination skin. It never turned oily or wiped off easily through out the day. UD did a great job creating this one! Overall I really liked this, I just wish it was full coverage… BUUUUT, I did hear the Urban Decay made a newer version of this, but it’s called Urban Decay All Nighter that has full coverage and 12 hour wear time! This Naked Skin retails at Sephora for $40.

3. Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

This stuff rocks. Seriously. It’s full coverage that lasts for 15 hours through heath, activity and humidity. This stayed in place just like the Sephora worker told me it would, So I was really pleased with that. The only con I had with this is that it looks kind of Caked. I tried using a beauty blender and a foundation brush, but I still got the same look. The caked look wasn’t too bad through, most people probably couldn’t tell. I just criticize my make up pretty hard. If it wasn’t for the other 2 foundations that I scored above this one, I would totally use this! Retails for 39.50 at Sephora.

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

I really like this stuff a lot!! This is full coverage foundation that does the job! It give me a great matte finish that smoothly covers all my blimishes and freckles. It’s oil free, hypoallergenic and has SPF 15 in it. I love how they make the shades in warm AND cool colors, this is something that I struggle with in foundations. It lasts for 12 hours and is really worth the money. This retails for $39 at Macy’s.×54833&gclid=CN6mitWqxtECFYKJfgodnKsBPQ

1. MAC Studio Fix Foundation

This is my holy grail! Turns out that MAC really was the best and my favorite foundation for my skin. I love the way it covers and makes my face silky smooth AND look flawless at the same time. If you add the studio fix powder foundation also, that’s the cherry on top! Doesn’t look cakey at all. Another great thing is that it’s the cheapest out of all the foundations I tried, and most I saw at Sephora and Macy’s.  It retails for $28 at MAC. Another cool thing is that most Macy’s have a little MAC booth inside! 

Thanks for taking the time to read my opinion! 

My first week with an electric guitar!

I’m super excited to share that I’ve decided to start playing electric guitar! The person who encouraged me to start playing, is the one and only Kurt Cobain. So I called up my uncle and he brought me over an electric guitar and amp. It’s a lame little amp, but it’ll do the job for the next few months while I try to pick up on this hobby. I started with YouTube. I typed in “Smells like teen spirit electric guitar” and this is what I got. This guy is super funny and easy to learn from. 

Click this link to watch the video!

Over all that song was pretty difficult for me to do at a normal speed, I’m clearly not even ready for this beginner video.
Next up, I tried to play “Come as you are” by Nirvana, and it went a lot better than expected! It actually sounds like a song and I can get the pace up to where it sounds good! <—– click here! 

NEXT I randomly saw this guys YouTube video And it said “Super easy electric guitar songs for beginners” and that totally sounds like something I need!! His YouTube name is “Campfire Guitar Star” and this guy is awesome and he’s really good at explaining what he’s saying. I feel like I learned a lot! Next time I practice I will be watching his videos! <——- click for Campfire guitar star!

Sooooo basically this whole guitar thing is working out. It’s been a week and I’m still interested, so that’s really saying something for me. If you guys have any good songs or videos for a beginner, send them my way! If you’re reading this trying to figure out if you should play the guitar or trying to find some good beginners songs, then my answer is YES! Definitely try it out, it’s fun and feels good to learn something new! HAVE FUN!

Reopen the Kurt Cobain case?

Recently I watched the documentary on Netflix called “Soaked in bleach”. It’s a movie about the death of Kurt Cobain (lead guitar and vocalist for Nirvana) and the investigation leading up to his death. This documentary was made from the point of view from Tom Grant (the personal investigator hired by Courtney Love) and what he thinks really happened, which he believes Kurt was murdered and that Courtney knows. Some of the reasons why he believes he was murdered are

  • The so called “suicide note” found near Kurt’s body had 2 different hand writings.  The main part of the note was written by Kurt and he was saying why he wanted to quit music and that he just wasn’t happy doing it anymore. The last four lines appear to be written in at a different point and it says “Frances will be much happier in life” and “I love you I love you” and more. 
  • About a week after Kurt’s death, a piece of paper was found in Courtney’s backpack with a bunch of letters which looked like a practice sheet, trying to practice someone’s handwriting. 
  • If the gun was fired in the position the Seattle Police Department say it was, then the shot gun shell was found on the wrong side of the exit chamber the shell would have been ejected from. 
  • Courtney lied saying that Kurt only stayed in the nicest hotels downtown Seattle, but he really preferred the cheap motels. Kurt’s friend Dylan laughed when he heard that Courtney said that. 
  • Courtney never went to Seattle once to look for Kurt, and said she couldn’t leave LA because she had business down there. 
  • Kurt’s toxicology report showed that he had 3 times the fatal dose of heroin injected in his body. How would someone inject THAT much heroin then be able to make the injection spot stop bleeding, get up and put away the drug needle, spoon, and everything else used to do heroin, neatly back in the box, walk back over set the gun up and shoot himself. Even a heavy drug user wouldn’t be able to do that! Also he was clean for atleast 6 days while he was checked into rehab a week before he was found dead. So that would lower his tolerance. 

Here’s a picture of the note found near Kurt at death

Here’s the paper found in Courtney’s backpack, practicing handwriting

There’s so much evidence!!! Over the years many people have pointed out so many more things, and it all just doesn’t add up. Courtney and Kurt were in the middle of a divorce, and Courtney tried calling her lawyer to see if they could somehow void the prenup that he signed. She was money hungry and would end up with not very much, but if Kurt died she would have millions and millions. 
Then of course I had to watch the HBO special called “Kurt Cobain: Montage of heck”. Which was super good too. The difference was this documentary was produced by Kurt’s daughter Frances. Ran Cobain. This 2 hour film showed home videos of him when he was a baby and teenager, his childhood growing up and the dark side of Kurt and all his depressing journal entries.
 I  do have to agree that he did seem depressed but not anything super out of control. He did many interviews, even one a few months before his death saying how happy he was and that he was trying to be clean and was trying to be the best father he could be for his baby. He said he was nervous to even get into the car because he didn’t want anything bad to happen to his baby or himself, because he needed to be there for his daughter. 

After doing my own research, just because I’ve been so interested in this whole thing, I think that they should reopen the 1994 case. When there’s so much evidence, why not?! Personally I don’t think the death scene photos should be made public, what good will that do for anyone. His family doesn’t need to remember him with that image… no one does. I just think a very deatailed investigator who has nothing to do with the Seattle police department, and someone who doesn’t personally know Courtney Love should do it.  Either way the outcome would be good! Someone would be charged with Murder, or the whole case could finally be put to rest. 
Either way…

                  RIP KURT COBAIN! ❤